What is a datalogger?

A data logger keeps data over a certain time level. The data may include temperature, relative humidity, Co2 or analog signals.
A data logger offers the ability to measure the desired data in a regularity chosen by you. The data is then saved and you can then read and check.

How can I apply for a quote?

If you have made a choice, you can request a quote by phone or email, which can also be requested by chat or with the contact form. It is also possible to request multiple quotes for cost comparison.

How do I know if my data loggers work well?

By calibrating your data loggers, we can verify that your equipment still meets the specifications. For some of our products, the calibration is also done prior to the delivery of your data loggers. If this is the case, you will also receive a certificate per data logger.


What is calibration?

Calibration means that the data logger shows a deviation in measured values. This way it can be determined whether the data logger still meets the specifications.

What is the difference between a calibration certificate and a factory certificate?

A calibration certificate means that your data logger has been determined to meet the specifications. This certificate is issued after calibration.
A factory certificate implies that the product should comply with the prescribed specifications. However, actual control of this is not carried out.

Which calibration points can I choose?

This depends on the model and measurement range of your data logger. We use standard calibration points for each type of logger. We also offer you the option to choose a calibration point that goes beyond our standard calibration process.

How many calibration points can I choose?

Our standard calibration process consists of three temperature and two relative humidity calibration points. Of course you can always increase the number of calibration points.

Can I also provide my data logger for a check but without calibration?

Calibration = Checking your data logger. It is measured whether the data logger was still within the specifications for the past period.

How does calibration or adjustment work?

On our website you will find our technical documents including a statement. This explains step by step how our calibration expires. Depending on the model and sensor type of your measuring instrument.

What is adjusting?

The adjustment takes place after a calibration. If it is determined that the data logger no longer meets the requirements and thus shows a deviation, this should be adjusted. Adjusting means that the data logger will meet the specifications.

Why is the battery of data logger replaced if this was not the order?

To complete the calibration process, it is important that your meter is supplied with a full battery. If the current battery is too weak to withstand the calibration during our check, the battery will be replaced.

How many days does it take to calibrate my data logger?

The duration of a calibration is tied to the model and number of sensors of your measuring instrument. In most cases this takes about one work week.

Is it possible to receive a calibration report that is valid for 2 years?

No, this is not possible. Our calibration certificates are valid for one year.

My data logger has been calibrated recently, now it seems that within a short period of time to be beyond the specifications, how is this possible?

This is possible, if your instrument is not properly treated or used for purposes that are not suitable for it. This will affect the accuracy and operation of your meter, because data loggers are vulnerable measuring instruments. Calibration is a confirmation of the previous measurements and no guarantee for the future.

Why didn't I receive a quote for the repairs that were made?

According to the company policy of Askey Dataloggers BV, a quote is sent as the repair costs are above € 30,-

Do I have to make an appointment to send my data logger(s)?

An appointment is not necessary, you can deliver your data logger(s) at any time for calibration or repair with accompanying letter to our branch at Leiderdorp.

I have received my data logger but the programming settings are no longer correct, why?

Your data logger is reprogrammed with our calibration process settings. You will need to reprogram the logger with the settings you want.


What is a calibration contract?

You can close a maintenance contract with us to have your data loggers checked, maintained and repaired annually. The costs and advantages are shown in Contracts on our website.

Is it possible to conclude a contract where calibration is not done annually but per 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 years?

No this is not possible, if you do not want to check the data loggers annually, then a contract is not practical. Our advice is to have your data loggers checked annually so that you can be sure your data loggers are in specification.

There are more data loggers on my contract than I own, how is that possible?

On the invoice for the contract, the total number of sensors is reported. Some data loggers have multiple sensors, such as temperature and humidity. All the sensors need to be calibrated individually.

Can I provide my contracted data logger before or later for calibration?

That is not a problem, but the contract is valid every year. With previous / later delivery of your data logger, the following calibration date will be earlier / later: last calibration date + 12 months.

I have not sent the data loggers yet, but I did receive an invoice, why?

The invoice for the contract is always sent around the expiration date. If during the calibration it appears that additional charges (such as battery replacement) are applicable, you will receive a separate invoice from.


Which product suits me (my company) best?

This question is difficult to answer, but of course we are happy to advise you. Depending on what you want to measure, there are several choices to make. Measuring temperature, possible with an internal sensor or external sensor(s). Measuring temperature and humidity. Wireless equipment for measuring analog signals, humidity, temperature. Co2 and / or temperature measurement. You will find the different products under the category of "Applications".

My product is out of stock, can I order it?

If a product is out of stock, we can order it but the delivery will take some time. If you have more questions about this, you can inquire about the expected delivery time.

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Do I get a discount?

We handle different discounts. The amount of these discounts depends on the amount of products you purchase. By product, you can also consult the tab to find these discounts.