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Accuracy Certificates

The registration meters that we supply are always accompanied by an accuracy certificate of the manufacturer. At surcharge we can also ship your registration meters with a traceable calibration certificate. In that case you will receive the calibration certificate in addition to the factory certificate.

Please note that our new KeyTag Kt1 recorders are always calibrated by us and provided with such an individual calibration certificate (no surcharge).


In order to be sure that your registration meter works accurately and indicates precise values in the future too, we recommend that you have your registration meters calibrated annually. Your meter will be checked on a number of points and adjusted if necessary. Capacitive sensors have a natural drift and need to be adjusted at least once every twelve months.

We also offer an advantageous calibration agreement, then you will be reminded of the calibration annually. You can find the benefits of such an agreement under contracts.


You send the registration meters including any external sensors to us by post or courier. After receipt the registration meters are checked (battery), calibrated and repaired or adjusted if necessary.

The calibration of a temperature and air humidity meter takes at least 16 hours with a stabilization period of 2 hours per calibration point.

The entire process from receipt of your registration meters takes up to 5 working days.

We return your meters after 5 office days. In case an eventual repair would exceed 30 euro (excluding VAT) you will receive an quotation in advance.

Of course you will also receive an individual and traceable certificate of the calibrated registration meter,... just to be sure.

Our Procedures