Our Equipment

In addition to knowledge, experienced technicians and high-quality products, it is necessary to use the right equipment.

We think it is important to offer you the best quality and service and so we need high-quality equipment. For example, we recently added a second climate chamber from Weiss Technik to our calibration department. We also use three Dostmann reference thermometers, two Michell Optidew dew point meters and a Fluke 714 thermocouple calibrator.

All our equipment is checked and calibrated annually by an external calibration authority. The certificates that follow can be found under downloads. In this way we state that we do our utmost to provide you with the best possible calibration service. Only if our equipment works perfectly, you will get the most precise data loggers.

We believe that you should be able to trust this, that is why our motto is:
Askey Dataloggers,... just to be sure!

Below you can read more about the equipment we use to calibrate and adjust your registration meters.

Weiss Technik WK180 and ClimeEvent 180
Climate chambers with very high accuracy and stability.
Askey's ClimeEvent 180

Dostmann T995
Precision reference Pt100 thermometer with a high resolution of 0.001°C and an accuracy of 0.015°C.
Askey's Dostmann T995

Dostmann T855
Precision reference Pt100 thermometer with a high resolution of 0.01°C and an accuracy of 0.03°C.

Michell Optidew
Mirror dew point meter for measuring humidity with a resolution of 0.1°C and an accuracy of 0.2°C.
Askey's Michell Optidew

Thermo Haake DC30 in W15 oliebad
Oil bath with very accurate and stable temperature controller for high temperatures up to 150°C.
Askey's Haake DC30

Ametek Jofra ATC-125A
Dry block calibrator for generating temperatures up to -90°C for use with external sensors.
Askey's Ametek Jofra ATC-125A

Fluke 714
Thermocouple calibrator for type K and T thermocouples.
Askey's Fluke 714

Our Equipment